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Creatives-connect offers a high-level of service, personalized attention, and professional instruction in mindfulness-based arts and crafts.  Creatives-connect teachers help build a positive, inspirational and connected community through creativity in a variety of places including senior living centers, home associations, corporate environments, retreat and recreational centers, yoga studios, cafes, and private homes.


Participants learn a variety of art and craft skills in a relaxed, peaceful and exploratory atmosphere where they can nourish their expressive sides.  No prior experience in art or craft activities is necessary, classes are for beginners, as well as for those more experienced.  Participants are inspired to enjoy and complete beautiful, high quality projects in one class where they will be building an ongoing community of creative, like-minded friends.


Creative activities infuse inspiration and self-expression back into participants' lives.  Working with their hands, getting a little messy, being in the present moment, calms the mind and spirit.  It’s a retreat for the soul, a time to pause and let go.

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"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks,

breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun."

Mary Lou Cook


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Building community through creativity

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